The 2015 gathering for those drawn to discover and deepen the practice of contemplative, creative and intercessory prayer in their own homes

Coventry Cathedral, Lecture Hall, Saturday 23rd May, 9.45am – 3.45pm

Meeting in the extraordinary context of Coventry Cathedral, enjoy three presentations plus time for stillness, prayer, reflective chant and sharing of stories

Suggested donation £15 Coffee and tea provided. Please bring your own lunch.

To book, please send cheque payable to ‘Hidden Houses of Prayer’ along with your name, email & address to: Hidden Houses of Prayer, 2 Embankment Road, Sheffield S10 1EZ. If you are interested in this ministry and/or would like a booking receipt, please enclose an SAE or send an email to:

Prayer in the Inner Room - 'Go into your inner room and pray to your father, the one who is there in secret': Bishop John Stroyan

Are we just scraping the surface in our response to Jesus’ foundational teaching on prayer? In a world of so many distractions and temptations to live superficially, is not God calling us and the whole Church to go deeper in prayer?

John Stroyan is Bishop of Warwick. Before taking up this position, he was a parish priest for 21 years ministering in both inner-city and rural areas. In the 1970s he was drawn into contemplative prayer through a 'Julian Group' and has been deeply involved in the retreat movement ever since. He has been particularly enriched by the ascetical/mystical theology of the Orthodox Church and continues to explore and seeks to share the riches of early desert Fathers and Patristic writings. He has spent time on Mount Athos and visited Orthodox monasteries in Greece, Romania, Russia, Albania, Siberia – and most regularly of all Essex!

The Raw Tenderness of the Now - Honouring Hiddenness & Solitude: Sister Julia

When we enter the desert of hidden prayer, we are walking into the unknown and offering ourselves to this Unknown to be loved and transformed by it. We will explore together some of the beauty and challenges of this call to authenticity and service, as we encounter the world within the heart of God, in the depths of our own being. We will also share together the healing power of sound and silence in prayer, through a powerful and gentle practice of contemplative chanting.

Sister Julia is an Orthodox nun living as a hermit in Wales. She finds inspiration and nourishment in sacred chant, music and dance, in the beauty of words and silence, in the abundance of nature, and in a simple and hidden life.

To Pray is to Love - The Vision for Hidden Houses of Prayer: Revd Philip Roderick

'God is love'. Jesus invites us to 'love one another' and to 'abide in my love'. The disciples asked Jesus: 'teach us to pray' and he shared with them the Lord's Prayer. Paul, the Apostle, encourages all followers of the Way of Christ to ‘pray without ceasing’. We shall explore a household spirituality of contemplative intercession, solidarity in silence and song, and prayer in the night hours.

Philip Roderick, Bishop’s Adviser in Spirituality in the Diocese of Sheffield until the end of Feb 2015, is the Founder-Director of The Quiet Garden Movement and Founder-Community Leader of Contemplative Fire

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